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Don’t miss Ansuya Nathan’s solo show “LONG LIVE THE KING”

Don’t miss Australians in Film member Ansuya Nathan’s live solo show “LONG LIVE THE KING” at the Hudson Theatre in July! 



“The day they arrive in Australia is the day Elvis Presley dies, both events are equally shocking.”

Venue: The Hudson Guild Theatre

Dates: July 5, 7, 12 and 14

Times: Fridays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm

Ticket Prices: $18 full, $15 conc. Bookings: www.hudsontheatre.com

RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/1375828275965946/?ref=14

Nominated for Best Solo Performer at The 2010 Edinburgh Stage Awards

Written and performed by Ansuya Nathan.
Directed by Guy Masterson.

Meena - Indian, heavily pregnant and The King’s biggest fan - lands in Australia the day he dies. Vagina clenched against her overwhelming grief, she braces herself for life in the New World. An uplifting and comical tale infused with the songs and soul of Elvis. 

***** REVIEWS *****

“Ansuya Nathan has written and performs a remarkable one-woman show. It is at turns hilarious, moving, musical, deeply sad and ultimately joyous” 
- THE ADVERTISER by Patrick MacDonald

“(A) funny, emotional and utterly heartfelt one-woman show… A stunning piece of work” 
- MUST SEE! THE STAGE by Thom Dibdin 

“This is all a solo show should be. Go see it and enjoy.”
***** THE PUBLIC REVIEW by Val Baskott 

“Elvis lives on…in this sparkling one-woman show…a fantastic performance that deserves considerable praise.” **** THREE WEEKS by Ed Frankl 

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